Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When life hands you cow pies, make a splendid garden of opportunity!!!

Years ago, when I began my career as a journalist, I was given a lead by my editor to go cover a story in West Jordan about a sub-division who was growing monstrous vegetables. None could understand why this one little plot of land was so lucky when it came to the produce patch mother lode.

A little bit of research gave me my answer,….load and loads of crap – literally.

It turns out that this bit of suburbia had been built upon what was once the old Bateman Dairy Farm and the miles and piles of cow manure that once was, became the scoop about poop.

How was I supposed to go to my editor and tell her that my story which she was planning on putting on the front page above the crease was nothing more than a load of cow pucky?

It was then in a torment of frustration and angst that I looked up to the cork board above my desk and saw a little Ziggy comic my father had once kept on his bulletin board above his desk. Although I’d never really paid attention to it before, my father’s wisdom came to me from beyond the grave and gave me today’s “Life Saver”;

Even in a pile of manure, a flower will grow.

With confidence, I wrote my story and later on even won an award for it. The fun tone of it mixed with history was so popular, that my paper got more letters than they knew what to do with. Their readership went up and my stock as a new and upcoming writer soared.

To this day, when introducing myself in that area of the valley, my fame precedes me when I refer to myself as the journalist who cared about a load of crap. Apparently dairy kings and cow pies can create more than just a banana squash bonanza – it can create opportunities that bloom into the lives dreams are made of.


Valerie Ipson said...

Thanks for the laugh today!!! Great story!

Cami said...

I'm a new fan! I'm going to go get your book and read it over Spring Break! Thanks for the humor! You're awesome!

Cindy Beck said...

Loved this cow pie story. Nothing gets people laughing better than a good manure story ... don't 'cha think? :)

Some time back, I wrote an article about a veggie garden growing near a city sewer pond. Anyone who wants to read another "manure" story can find it here at my blog.Thanks to Stacy, a kind, wonderful author, for giving me permission to leave the link.

Karlene said...

Great story. Loved that one.