Monday, April 13, 2009

Simply enjoy the journey when you have to lead the sheep

I hate the spotlight. I hate cameras, being in the public eye and most of all I am really uncomfortable with the pressure of being an example and an inspiration to people who need it.

Don’t get me wrong,…. I love to help people find happiness through finding a better way. And if I can direct them towards their Savior – like a flagman would direct traffic during road construction - I’m more than happy to do it. But I am uncomfortable taking credit for the gifts and inspiration He has given me. I’d rather the spotlight be on Him. But since His work is done through others, I do the best I can through writing, through public speaking and other appearances to help people keep that focus on Him.

Recently, I was on my way to California to start my national TV and radio tour. To gain sanity, I planned a stop in Arizona where I could catch my breath with my Grandma and my Aunt. Since I was alone, I put myself on a strict schedule and was adamant that I adhere to it. I was clipping along a quite a good pace, when I came around a corner about 20 miles outside of Page on a road that descends quickly into the Indian reservation.

With the road improvements that have happened recently along this stretch of highway, I usually can make pretty good time through this area. And so I was naturally quite confused as to way there was back up of cars that equaled the Glen Canyon Dam I’d passed not 30 minutes before.

While sitting there, my mind took over and I started fretting about the tour and being in the public spotlight. My nerves started getting the better of me and I was about to go totally wonky when the reason for the back-up came into view.

It was an old Indian woman herding her goats and sheep down the two lane highway all the way back to her home at the base of the mountain.

She was completely unaware of the following she had or the back-up which she was causing. I had to smile. And in one of those precious moments that Heavenly Father gives to us when we are driving ourselves nuts, I found sanity as I enjoyed the slower pace and envied the old Indian woman who was oblivious to her following while she just enjoyed the walk with the animals.

That brings me to today’s “Life Saver”; If you have to be a leader with a large following, go slow on a two way street.

At the bottom of the hill, was a man with a truck and dogs who was obviously ready to take the herd back to where they were supposed to go. He was waiting patiently for her to do her part and bring the animals safely to him.

Today, whenever the stresses of leadership overwhelm me, I remember that old Indian woman and simply remember to slow it down and enjoy the journey as I lead His sheep back to home and the safety of His care.


Daily Comics said...

Thanks for the great little thought - I need that!!!!

Shauna said...

Awesome post and blog! Thanks for being such a sweetheart! Hope your day is as beautiful as you are!
♥ HUGS ♥