Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wide World of Email

I talked to my grandma the other day and had to chuckle just a bit.

She is the one for whom I have so much admiration because she tells anyone and everyone that she is going to keep on living as long as the Good Lord allows her to keep on living. There is too much good in life to miss out with something as pesky as death. She intends to see the Second Coming and expects the rest of us to enjoy the show right along with her - packing her sunglasses, popcorn and lawn chair in tow.

Pretty impressive attitude for a woman who is a spry 94 years of age.

Anyways, since she'd sent so many flowers to my mother in the hospital, she wanted to do something novel,.... something that would wow her in her hospital bed at Huntsman. That's right, she decided to send an email.

Now for those of you who are thinking to yourselves "huh?", let me share with you that a couple of years ago she fairly beat the answering machine I'd given her for Christmas to death when it "talked back and mimicked everything she'd said in a rather cheeky tone".

I had forgotten to tell her about the self recording memo feature.

So she sent my mother an email and this is the conversation that ensued over their speaker phone when she and my Aunt Jo called me later that night.....

Grandma - "Oh and, Stacy, I sent your mom an email. Will you make sure she gets it?"

Aunt Jo - "Don't you mean, Mother, that you wrote it and gave it to Ann to type out and send?

Grandma - "Why would I write it when I could send an email?"

Aunt Jo - "You wouldn't,... but in your case, you did write it so Ann could type it into her computer at work and send it to Stacy and Becky through email."

Grandma - "But I thought Ann sent my email....."

Aunt Jo - "She did send your letter, what you wrote to Laurel, via email."

Grandma - "So if I wrote a letter, where did my email go?"

Aunt - "Mother,...your letter was sent via email. Ann sent it from work to Stacy and Becky so they could print it out and take it to Laurel at the hospital."

Grandma - "Next time I'll just use the postal service. They are far less complicated and take less time."

That's my Grandma. She'll keep on living as long as she is allowed to live,....or until the postal service converts to electronic mail only.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

How funny. Can you just imagine how these older people must be amazed at the changes that have occurred over their lives. Going from horse and buggy to jetting around the world in a few hours. Or knowing when your family moves away, you will rarely ever see them, to being able to send an email that arrives seconds after you send it. The world truly is an amazing place.

Gina Welborn said...

What a wonderful post!

Stacy, when your book comes out, would you consider giving me the honor of promoting it on my blog? If you have a blog tour slated for September, I'd love to participate.