Friday, July 4, 2008

A Republic's Legacy and Oath

This time of year always inspires me as I think about what I am truly grateful for and the liberties which I cherish. But I do also recognize that liberty is not free - it has always had a high price tag.

To that means, I wrote this poem putting into prose the feelings of my heart. I hope you enjoy it...

From the birth of our nation
Til the final show of pride.
I thank Thee, the Almighty
For the sacrifices of those who’ve died.
The brave hearts and courage of those
Who knew not how to fight
But marched to a Nation’s glory
Through cloaking darkness or day’s light.
Praise the young and the old
Who have carried little more
Than the burning faith and desire
To fight their freedom’s war.

A march throughout the centuries
Upon the shoulders of a few,
We owe a reverent gratitude
For the blood that was their due.
For the men with ages of youth
Who carried the dreams of a Nation
And women and children at home
Awaiting any words with patience.
There are but a few names listed
Within our books of learning
But let us not forget the masses
Who gave life for unity burning.

Alas, may they not regret
The benefit of one nation under God
And may we, their benefactors
Remember for which they fought.
There is a picturesque struggle
To raise our banner once more
After a defeat of freedom’s enemy
Upon a beach’s quiet shore.
There are numerous green acres
That bear far as the eye can see
Masses of alabaster white crosses
Of those who gave life for you and me.

We shall preserve this Nation!
This is now our cross to bear!
So that we in truth and glory
May our ensign proudly wear!
To keep our heritage of independence
This land we shall not disgrace
But preserve our freedom, their legacy
Of every soldier’s watchful face.
We shall raise high Liberty’s Title
“In memory”, we hail most sacredly
“For beliefs in God, freedom, family, peace
That built a Nation for their posterity.”

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Shirley Bahlmann said...

Beautiful poem, beautiful picture.

Kenji said...

happy independence day stacy, from kenji and shiela straight from saudi arabia.

we thank you for visiting our blog. thank you, we truly appreciate it.

we honor you and your forebears today. we recognize the tremendous sacrifice americans has done nd is doing so we could live a free and joyful life.

Happy independence day again!