Saturday, July 12, 2008

Learning the art of Now and Later...

I was given a bloggers award by Tristi Pinkston for the last blog I did called "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World". A deep and humble thank you, Tristi....

This past week I had a friend ask me the question, “Why do you sacrifice so much of the good stuff now for the hope of something later?”

I couldn’t help but think of a lesson I’d given a class almost a decade earlier and a discussion I’d had with my sons more recently than that.

Church at that time was 1-4 so, half-way through the block, rumbling stomachs were a frequent part of the auditory backdrop in our classroom.

Using this to my advantage, I brought in a pan of small, dry, unfrosted cupcakes that I’d also ‘forgotten’ to put all of the required sugar in. I set them on a table and noted with interest that many of the members of the class were so drawn to the cupcakes that they did not notice the unobtrusive box sitting on the table behind them. The others, however, were drawn to the box and waited to see what it housed.

I asked those particular students if they were hungry and lured them into accepting a cupcake. When they were done and still left wanting, I then pulled out of my bag plates, cups, forks, glasses, a jug of milk and the most decadent looking chocolate cake I could find. I set the table in front of the chalk board with a portrait of Christ and invited the students who had refrained to come sit at the table and enjoy a big piece of that cake.

The others sat on looking miserable wishing that they too had had the sense to see beyond the first offering of sad cupcakes.

I explained that our Savior has personally invited each and everyone of us to dine with Him and partake of His feast. It means giving up a bit of pleasure here in this world for that hope of something better.

This is true of so many things in our lives whether it be morality, honesty, tithing, service or any other thing that can bring us eternal joy.

After explaining this lesson to my friend and talking more in depth about the subject, she had another question, “What ever happened to the kids in that class?”

I told her proudly, “Every single one of them is on track, made it through high school and is on missions or married in the temple. They have told me that that lesson made an impression on them they will not soon forget and then added with a big smile, "And I can honestly say that to this day, I know for a fact none of them are starving.” ;-)


Kenji said...

"We are so blessed to know and befriend some of the wonderful writers, George Potter, Kerry Blair and writers at SixLDSwriters, Candace Salima, Stacy Anderson,Jim Paredes and so many others. I am so captivated by their wit and their minds that we look up to this wonderful people." From our latest post.

Candace E. Salima said...

Stacy - did you forget you were supposed to post a review on Room for Two today?

Stacy G. Anderson said...


I sent you the email chain on the virtual tours that had me slotted for July 24 (Caught in the Headlights) and Aug 15 (Room for Two).

If there was other correspondence concerning a change of dates, I never got it so still had on my calendar the dates listed above.


Kim Thompson said...

What a great object lesson Stacy! I'll have to remember that one.

Mom of Two said...

Congrats on the award- it was a beautiful entry! Also, that was a really neat lesson to give...I'll have to remember that one!